Unique & Advanced Vertical transportation / Facade Access Designs for You.

VFE Design is a professional freelance consultant, and VFE provides various comprehensive project management at vertical transportation, facade design, and interior design.
VFE offer client projects of international levels enhancing the economy of design and construction long-term relationship also VFE Consists of a technical support, as well as the information, specifications, drawings, etc. of the specific projects.

We are the professional that guide customers through projects of varying difficulty, providing solutions that balance safety, sustainability, and our client’s best interest.

VFE are known in our industry for our can do attitude and our ability to successfully deliver complex projects in a challenging industry.

In VT and facade / credible design, VFE has long-term experience in the field, In VT assisting us to give effective and reliable advice and service in lifts, escalators, revelators, and building cleaning system.

VFE Have become widely familiar with our ability to apply innovative designs and alternative use of materials across an array of projects.

In BMU (Building Maintenance Unit) In general, access is providing to a building for two reasons:

  • a) Clean and maintain facade.
  • b) Facade maintenance is terms of replacement of glazing panels.